Voter Resources Corner

Our Voter Resources Corner contains many links to resources that help each voter exercise their right to vote. This section helps voters protect their vote. We provide links to official state resources that help each voter:

  • Register to Vote
  • Check the status of your voter registration
  • Check the status of your absentee or provisional ballot

Check your voter registration BEFORE you go to vote. It just takes a few minutes online. We think a great place for checking your registration is at Headcount. Just click on the link below: Check your voter registration!

select your state, then click on the link below ¨Find your registration status or polling place online.¨ If you have any questions, contact your county clerk.

Below is Jenny Cohn’s Tips to Protect Your Vote and Voter Registration.

Please read Jenny Cohn’s article: Tips (many not obvious) to Protect your Voter Registration and Vote against Hacking and Glitches!

If you need to contact your local election officials, you can select yours from the drop down menu at this link: HERE

For all other voter issues, please contact your state S.O.S. or County Clerks office. We are launching this Voter Resources corner soon. Please check back for information or sign up for our newsletter on our Home page to receive our newsletter, which contains updates on our website and resources as they become available.

Here is another great resource from the League of Women Voters to check your voter registration status.