Update of Our Photo Finish Project

We have completed all of our Photo Finish Actions for the summer. We thought you would like to know the progress of the project so far.

We have had over 200 total volunteers in this project. Of those volunteers, half are photographers, half were both photographers and analysts. Of the volunteers who signed up, many signed up from states where we ran a Photo Finish Action over the summer. 120 of the volunteers have already signed up from other states, for the November 3rd Photo Finish Action.

Congratulations to all the photographers who participated. Thank you to the analysts who have already completed their Analyst Result Forms (we have 10 precincts completed so far).

Out of this project, we already have a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) action underway in Texas. We are looking into something in Florida as well and will report when we have details. As soon as we have more analyst reports completed, we will issue a summary and a report of our findings. #PhotoFinish #ProtectOurVotes.com

Remember, we need your Twitter handle to add you to our coordination DM on Twitter. 

We also need analysts who are prepared to do some Analyst Results Reports. These take less than 30 minutes to complete and we have step by step instructions. Please write to info@protectourvotes.com if you are enthusiastic about doing an analyst report. We still need the Analyst Results Reports for Broward in FL and Ozaukee in WI to be completed. I need volunteers to sign up for these.

We also need the results from Brevard, Seminole, FL and Williamson, TN. I have written to the counties to request them, but someone must call. I need volunteers to call. If you think you want to help, let me know.

Let’s get fired up for November 3rd, when we will run Photo Finish again.

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