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Unrolled Thread from Jenny Cohn-Action Items:


Action item 1. Demand that Congress & the MSM pressure ES&S, Dominion, & other voting machine vendors re: their use of remote access software & cellular modems (emails, calls, social media, editorials, postcards, etc). 1/

Action item 2. Demand that members of Congress support and pass the PAVE Act, requiring that states conduct risk limiting audits in federal elections & give voters the option to mark their ballots BY HAND (emails, calls, social media posts, letters-to-the-editor, & postcards). 2/
Action item 3. Demand HAND MARKED paper ballots from state election officials - and state/county election boards - that use touchscreens (emails, postcards, calls, social media posts, editorials, etc) 3/
Action item 4. Create and amplify PETITIONS for hand marked ballots directed to state and county election boards in key states that use touchscreens (use Georgia petition as an example). 4/
Action item 5. Pressure state election officials and state/county election boards to implement proper election security protocols for VOTER REGISTRATIONS and ELECTRONIC POLLBOOKS (emails, calls, etc) 5/
Action item 6. Educate voters as to what they can do to protect their votes and voter registrations (and everyone else’s) against hacking and glitches (postcards, social media posts, editorials). [NOTE: A “TIPS” POSTCARD WILL BE READY SOON!] 6/
Action item 7. Educate voters and campaigns about the need for poll observers to take photos of the poll tapes at each precinct (when the polls close), which can help detect hacking (social media, editorials, postcards, calls, emails). 7/
Action item 8. Campaign to preserve the paper ballots and paper audit trails from the swing states in the 2016 election, which are scheduled for destruction in September. The truth matters, whatever it may be. 8/
I provide scripts and multiple contact info lists (phone numbers, emails, twitter handles, etc.) for these action items here. Pls let me know if you’d like to help w/ any of these action items & if you have questions or concerns. TY! #ProtectOurVotes 9/

Bonus Action Item! Watch & record results on SOS or County websites thru the night. Take/save screenshots as u go, & include a timestamp in the filename when u do. Web results can change, sometimes in the wrong direction, thru the night. Your screenshots cld save an election! 10/

This Bonus Action Item came from @thebradblog, an election integrity guru! 11/
Second Bonus Action Item! Demand that counties themselves reveal whether they are using remote access or cellular modems and that, if the answer is “yes,” they remove them before the midterm elections! (twitter posts, emails, calls) via @ECIndivisible 12/
Third Bonus Action Item! Demand that counties in Wisconsin and elsewhere conduct manual audits for the midterms (emails, phone calls, sit ins, etc.) via @LizW1955! 13/
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