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“Within days of Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election, Stewart Rhodes warned of a ‘bloody fight,’ telling…Alex Jones that ‘just as Americans…stormed the Bundy ranch to stand up 4 a rancher’s family, we need to go to Washington w/ the same conviction.’” 1/

The coming coup: Republicans putting all their weight behind voter suppression, election subversion & gerrymandering to rig midterms & steal 2024. It’s a do or die moment for democracy and Dems almost out of time to stop it

Martin Luther King III is criticizing the inaction of federal lawmakers on voting rights. On Tuesday, the Senate is expected to take up -- and reject -- voting rights legislation. King spoke in Washington on the federal holiday named for his father.

The next few days, when these voting rights bills come to a vote, will mark a turning point in this nation. Will we choose democracy over autocracy? Every Senator will have to declare where they stand.

I ask every elected official in America – how do you want to be remembered?

"At crucial moments in history when democracy was under threat, Congress took decisive action to protect voting rights—the 15th Amendment, the 19th Amendment, the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

This week is a similarly pivotal time for American democracy.”

#TheFreedomToVoteAct is the most important piece of legislation being considered by congress this year!!

@jennyjackson59 @jkyle001 @viccan1 @jennycohn1 @ReportsDaNews @January6thCmte It sounds like Grassley knew what the plan was? I found it strange that he said he would be taking the VP's place and then it didn't happen!

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