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Ellis used an edited video that omitted that election workers had themselves put unscanned ballots into the containers under the table (which she misleadingly calls “suitcases”) as they prepared 2 go home. They retrieved them > @GASecofState called & told them to keep working. 1/

BREAKING: Ben Paris, the chair of Florida's Seminole County Republican Party, was convicted of illegally setting up a fake progressive candidate to siphon votes from Democrats in the 2020 election.

“Underreported & Massive Theocratic Movement [the New Apostolic Reformation] Joins Forces with Michael Flynn & Roger Stone” ⁦This is my latest for @BucksCoBeacon.⁩ #NAR #Dominionism #SevenMountains #PA01 #BucksCounty 1/

Important story by @markniesse expanding the growing knowledge about the breach of GA's voting system. The facts are being dug up by discovery for our @CoalitionGoodGv Curling lawsuit. This is only Chapter 1. See thread below.

🧵Plaintiffs detailed additional alarming facts about the breach and compromise of GA's voting system that occurred in Coffee County in new court filings linked below.

The most serious breach recorded in modern voting system security seems to have happened here. #gapol

Gee. Who warned again & again about the damn barcodes printed on machine marked paper ballots (as opposed to pen & paper). I did! And, of course, @MarilynRMarks1, @jhalderm, @rad_atl, @SEGreenhalgh, @TheBradBlog, etc. (PS. ES&S uses them too.) #BanBarcodeVoting 1/

😡@SenMastriano (R) is running 4 PA Governor on an “election integrity” platform, but said NOTHING re: the forged signatures supporting MAGA Republican Dasha Pruett, who he endorsed for #PA01. I interviewed @cmychalejko of @BucksCoBeacon re: the fraud. 1/

Jennifer Cohn’s latest article 2016: The Attack on America’s election infrastructure “ – Protect Our Votes

Michigan State Police seizes voting machine as it expands investigation into potential breaches tied to 2020 election - CNNPolitics 5/6/22

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