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The Urosevich’s never worked for Dominion, & ES&S kept most of Diebold’s contracts, which is where the control lies. You’re trying to confuse people by falsely implying Dominion can & shld be accountable 4 the conduct of ES&S, Smartmatic, etc. This is coordinated disinformation.

Introduction — National Election Defense Coalition “How to Rig an Election” by Victoria Collier

2/ No one whose goal is election integrity would ignore or gloss over concerns with ES&S:

“Experts find nearly three dozen U.S. voting systems [supplied by ES&S, not Dominion] connected to internet”

Dear @SidneyPowell1: The conspicuous determination of you and other Trump surrogates to focus primarily on Dominion Voting while underplaying concerns with voting machine vendor ES&S is a tell. It tells me you are up to no good. 1/

Trump & Rs were criminally negligent in blocking the #SAFEAct, which wld have banned remote access & internet connectivity to voting systems & req’d robust manual audits to confirm electronic results. They are weaponizing a lack of transparency that THEY created. #uncleanhands

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Nevada judge rejects effort to force re-vote in state's largest county

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