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Instead of claiming “Dems in Disarray” (which is absurd) as they try to pass historic legislation to help Americans, let’s point out instead that ALL Republicans are united against voting rights, against improving infrastructure, against paying our debts, and against democracy.

This is an incredibly important conversation all of us who care about saving this country from fascism need to be having.

This right here. It is truly startling how much the MAGA leaders follow the George Orwell 1984 playbook. 1/

Florida Rs planted ghost candidates to siphon votes from Ds in multiple races in 2020. In at least 1 case, this potentially illegal tactic changed the result. One ghost candidate has taken a plea & will testify against the political operative who allegedly orchestrated it. 1/

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When he became Governor, he quickly decertified the machines when a technician discovered they could be remotely hacked within five minutes.

Please Read Jennifer Cohn’s newest article: “Why Have So Many People Spread Misinformation About Voting Systems and Internet…

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Love it!! How clever is this? This teacher did a parody to motivate his students in remote learning for their math class.

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Notice how no one stormed the Capitol or threatened to hang the VP after this finding in Racine re: the 2016 election? Quite the opposite. Democrats play dead, while the GOP is batshit and bloodthirsty.

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