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Introduction — National Election Defense Coalition “How to Rig an Election” by Victoria Collier

2/ No one whose goal is election integrity would ignore or gloss over concerns with ES&S:

“Experts find nearly three dozen U.S. voting systems [supplied by ES&S, not Dominion] connected to internet”

Dear @SidneyPowell1: The conspicuous determination of you and other Trump surrogates to focus primarily on Dominion Voting while underplaying concerns with voting machine vendor ES&S is a tell. It tells me you are up to no good. 1/

Trump & Rs were criminally negligent in blocking the #SAFEAct, which wld have banned remote access & internet connectivity to voting systems & req’d robust manual audits to confirm electronic results. They are weaponizing a lack of transparency that THEY created. #uncleanhands

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Nevada judge rejects effort to force re-vote in state's largest county

@bright8694 @ossoff @ReverendWarnock Yes!

And, also ...

Everyone! Volunteer to do your part at @protectvotes or @ScrutineersUS for postcarding, phonebanking or PhotoFinish which is an effective way to stop the GOP’s online vote machine cheating.

We can’t have elections where we must rely on one man or woman to tell us whether our elections are secure. This is an absurd & unworkable model. What if Krebs’s replacement is corrupt or inept or some voters don’t trust him or her? We need evidence-based elections. Period. 1/

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