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😡@SenMastriano (R) is running 4 PA Governor on an “election integrity” platform, but said NOTHING re: the forged signatures supporting MAGA Republican Dasha Pruett, who he endorsed for #PA01. I interviewed @cmychalejko of @BucksCoBeacon re: the fraud. 1/

Jennifer Cohn’s latest article 2016: The Attack on America’s election infrastructure “ – Protect Our Votes

Michigan State Police seizes voting machine as it expands investigation into potential breaches tied to 2020 election - CNNPolitics 5/6/22

This is surreal. Ever since I was in college in the 1980s, people have warned that women in America could lose the right to choose. And here we are. How much did the GOP cheat to be in a position to defy the will of most voters? How will we ever right this ship? #ProtectOurVotes

Dear @JustinTrudeau: Here’s Roger Stone taking the oath of the Proud Boys, which Canada designated as a terrorist organization. Is Stone’s passport valid despite his PBs ties? Cuz news broke today that he will advise the conservative Ontario Party. 1/

“We compared 28 years…of Democratic & Republican administrations, 1961-2016, five Presidents from each party. During that period Rs scored 18X more individuals & entities indicted, 38X more convictions, & 39x more individuals who had prison time.”

“Florida has a grotesque history of racial discrimination,” U.S. District Chief Circuit Judge Mark Walker said.

The state can’t make any major changes to election regulations for the next 10 years unless a judge clears them first.

It began as a single phone call from a concerned Florida voter whose party affiliation was switched to Republican w/o her consent. Now there are AG investigations in 3 Fl counties, reports from a 4th, & concerns the entire state may be impacted. My interview of @SenatorTaddeo: 1/

The Citizens United decision enabled special interest groups to pour billions into elections and erode public trust.

Today, I'm introducing a constitutional amendment to overturn this disastrous ruling.

Let's get dark money out of our democracy. And return power to the people.

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