Action Item Photo Finish 2020 has gone LIVE!! Action Item Photo Finish went live on July 11th at the Louisiana elections. Volunteers take photographs of final precinct results poll tapes on election nights and upload those to us through our Photo Uploader. If there are technical problems, they can send us the photos or videos by email to with PHOTO FINISH 2020 in the ¨Subject¨heading and include the name of the precinct, county and state. It’s this easy to upload:

Photo Finish Uploading Demonstration Video

Our Citizen Analyst volunteers will compare those results to the reported county results. If you are interested in being a volunteer please sign up to our Photo Finish Volunteer List on our Photo Finish page. We have picked several states to monitor up to and including the 2020 November elections.

The elections that we have targeted to run Photo Finish Action Item in 2020 are:

  • July 11 Louisiana Presidential Primary
  • July 14 Alabama State Runoff
  • July 14 Texas State Runoff
  • August 4 Michigan State Primary
  • August 6 Tennessee State Primary
  • August 11 Connecticut Presidential Primary
  • August 11 Wisconsin State Primary
  • August 11 Georgia State Runoff
  • August 18 Florida State Primary
  • September 8 New Hampshire State Primary
  • November 3 General Election 2020

Sign up to make an impact on election integrity today: Every photo helps!

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