Photo Finish Precinct Poll Tape Photo Uploader

Take a photo of your precinct poll tape (or take videos, if the poll tape is long, and then screenshot that into photos for the uploader below), posted on precinct doors or windows, at the end of election days and upload those to our website.

Make sure you enter the precinct and county name. You can add your ward name in the precinct box and municipality, town or parish in the county box. Please use your judgement and fill out the uploader fields with the information your voting place uses for these general categories.

Upload your Precinct Poll Tape photo here:

Upload files

If there are technical problems with the uploader, upload your photo to this link in Google Drives: GOOGLE PHOTO UPLOAD LINK or send us your photos or videos by email to with PHOTO FINISH 2020 in the ¨Subject¨ heading and include the name of the precinct, county and state.