Photo Finish Photographer Training 11/1

Protect Our Votes hosted a video training for its Photo Finish poll tape photographers on 11/1. This dynamic volunteer training was packed with important tips on how to take good poll tape photos. CLICK HERE for the link to the training video.

The presentation included an overview of Protect Our Votes, an introduction to the national Photo Finish project communications platform Slack and tips on how to take good quality poll tape photos.

If you just want to look at the section of the training about How to Take a good poll tape photo, you can watch that here in a clip that is LESS THAN 10 MINUTES long.

Some of the highlighted Tips for photographers were:
• Make sure you capture top of tape with important information like precinct number and date, as well as the bottom with the poll worker’s signature
• Turn on your location services BEFORE you take your photos
• Make sure you have enough free memory on your phone to take new photos
• Bring a flashlight to shine at an angle to the window
• Focus your camera

For more in-depth tips for photographers, please see our one-pager Tips for Poll Tape Photographers

¨Didge¨Dave Masser-Frye was there from Democracy Counts and walked our volunteers through using their Actual Vote app, if they want to shoot videos of poll tapes. members were present with their volunteers who have also signed up as volunteers with Photo Finish. As promised in the training, here is a link to the practice poll-tape from Democracy Counts.

Some helpful links to the materials presented are:

Presentation of Photo Finish Poll Tape Training for Photographers

New Volunteer Resource Guide to Slack

Democracy Count’s ¨Didge¨Dave Masser-Frye’s presentations:

How To Video Poll Tapes

How to Use Actual Vote

Here are the links to download Actual Vote. These links contain both the install links and the latest instructions:

Download Actual Vote for APPLE

Download Actual Vote for ANDROID’s link to videos on why poll tape review are important:

Jenny Cohn’s newest article: How Safe is the US Election from Hacking published by NY Books

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