OH12 Election Result Images and Time/Tally Charts

Screen shots from the August 7, 2018 OH12 special Congressional election Vote Tally Action Item will be posted here. We attempted to create a Citizen Vote Count Log, looking for anomalies such as votes going down after screen updates, vote counts not updating for long periods or low votes turnout in certain counties.  These can be compared to official Vote Cast Records to determine if there are any inconsistencies.

We will be analyzing the data we received from these screen shots and posting the results here on this page.

Many thanks to our terrific volunteers on this action item. If you have any questions about this project, we can be reached at: info@protectourvotes.com or on Twitter: @jennycohn1

Tallies from all counties via Ohio SOS website:

S.O.S. Ohio Website Vote Tally Updates

S.O.S. Ohio Website Vote Tally Updates-2

Screen shots for the following counties and a live MSM update from the New York Times can be found by clicking on the link for the county:

Delaware County-1               Delaware County-2

Delaware County-3

Franklin County                      Franklin County-2

Licking County                        Licking County-2

Marion County                        Marion County-2

Morrow County*                     Morrow County-2

Muskingum County                Muskingum County-2

Richland County                      Richland County

MSM, New York Times

*Morrow County did not post live results. Therefore these screenshots contain other counties as well. You can find the corresponding Time/Tally sheets under the All Counties link below.

Below are the Time/Tally charts for the images in the counties. Please inform us at: info@protectourvotes.com if you see any anomalies. The first sheet has Time/Tally statistics for all counties, but these do not correspond with the individual county screenshots above.

All Counties-Corresponds to Morrow County* Above

Delaware County               Delaware County-2

Franklin County                 Franklin County-2

Licking County                   Licking County-2

Marion County                   Marion County -2

Morrow County                  Morrow County-2

Muskingum County           Muskingum County-2

Richland County                Richland County-2