Laws: States’ Election Laws and Policies for Media and Poll Tape Reviews

Precinct Poll Tapes

Through our Photo Finish project (involving taking photos of Precinct Poll tapes at the end of election days) we have gathered a list of related states’ laws and policies regarding the posting of precinct poll tapes.

We have a library of State Poll Worker Manuals. Some states require posting, some require making the poll tape available to interested parties or observers and some do not require releasing the information immediately, but it does become public information and is available through a FOIA request. Protect Our Votes conducts FOIAs for election materials on a regular basis. We are looking for lawyers or law students (or any volunteers looking to educate the public regarding election law) that are interested in helping us with this State Election Law and Policies project. Please sign up here: Election Lawyers sign-up HERE

As there is a large variance in state laws, we are documenting these points as we conduct our project. We will post our findings here when we have completed our initial phase of Photo Finish.

States’ Election Laws and Policies for Media and Poll Tape Reviews

We are reposting here, with permission from the Digital Media Project, the following state law overview: HERE This link provides State Laws for Documenting Your Vote.

PLEASE NOTE: This page includes information current as of the November 2008 national elections; the Digital Media Law Project maintains this page for archival purposes. We at are updating this information, with permission from the Digital Media Law Project, as a part of our Photo Finish Project, which is ongoing. We will post the results of our legal research here upon completion of this project. If you have any specific questions on this or want a copy of our ongoing updated research, please contact us at:

Here is a spreadsheet that provides an overview of : HERE

The Digital Media Project also recommends the following behavior with regard to Documenting your vote, entitled ¨Guidelines for Avoiding Legal Trouble¨: HERE