Activist Resources

Our Election Integrity Activist Resources corner provides tips that every voter can use to improve election transparency, voting rights and work against voter suppression. We also have tips to protect your voter registration on our Voter Resources Corner.


Please read Jenny Cohn’s article: Tips (many not obvious) to Protect your Voter Registration and Vote against Hacking and Glitches!

Mini Library of reading for election observers, poll watchers and activists: Other recommended Reading and Viewing

Links to Recommended Election Integrity Organizations: Please click here for other election integrity organizations we recommend

Poll Watchers’ Resources

Educating poll watchers and explaining statutory and administrative processes can help increase confidence in the integrity of elections. Below are links to resources from all levels of government for both election officials and poll watchers. Also view our FAQ’s page: EAC Poll Watchers Tips

Here is a state by state statute overview of the poll watchers regulations: NCSL State by State Pollworker Requirements

Here is a great manual for Poll Observers and Precinct Poll Tape Observers/Photographers:

Address Lists

Here are some lists of members of Congress (emails and physical addresses) for use in contacting your Member of Congress on election and voting legislation. Some of these lists are out of date. Please feel free to write to us and let us know which lists are no longer helpful:

Print Me mailing list from Democrats Abroad of all Senators and Members of the House of Representatives

List of Senators Emails

List of Senators Phone Numbers

List of Current Legislators Physical Address, Phone and Contact Forms

Updated Senators address list for postcard labels

Based on the GitHub Project at: GitHub

List of Representatives that have a public email

Find your Representative by your zip code

Directory of Representatives by State and District or by name

Find your Senator by state (list contains physical address, phone and email/contact form)

List of Senators with email and phone numbers

Lists of Secretaries of State (emails, physical addresses and Twitter handles) for use in contacting SOS’ on election and voting issues:

List of State Secretaries of State Emails, and Twitter Handles

US Senator Twitter Accounts, 115th Congress (Updated 3/26/18)

Lists of Counties, including County Clerks, addresses and Telephone numbers:

NC County Clerks, Names, Addresses and Phone Numbers

WI County and Municipal Clerks Using DRE Touchscreens, Including Names Addresses and Telephone Numbers, with Some Emails

PA County Clerks Using DRE Touchscreens, Including Names, Addresses, Telephones and Some Emails

OH County Boards Of Elections Using DRE Touchscreens, Including Telephones, Addresses and Emails

MI County Election Officials

Florida SOE Contact Information

Texas County Clerks

If you need to contact your local election official (Board of Elections) in your county, try the drop-down menu at this FVAP.GOV link: List of Local Elections Officials

Government Legislation Tool

About tracks the United States Congress and helps Americans participate in their national legislature.

We publish the status of federal legislation, information about your representative and senators in Congress including voting records, and original research on bills. Access GovTrak:


What you can do on GovTrack

Use GovTrack to track bills for updates by getting alerts and understand the broader context of legislation through our statistical analyses. Read our original research on GovTrack Insider.

You can read more about the data we have, including how you can get it. GovTrack was the first to create comprehensive open data about Congress, and we have successfully lobbied Congress to make more and better legislative information available to the public.