Action Item 1: Object To Voting Machine Vendors use of Remote Access Software

We are currently running a postcard campaign on Voting Machine Vendors and their use of Remote Access Software. Please see guidance below for how you can participate.

Please order postcards to send to US senators asking them to investigate VOTING MACHINE VENDORS for their use of REMOTE ACCESS SOFTWARE. Below is an exemplar that you can COPY IN ITS ENTIRETY. Or use your own words & design. Thx! VISTAPRINT Link

You can also print postcards at home using (click link to order at Amazon): Heavyweight Postcard Paper

Or use one of the services available online to send your postcard, like: MyPostcard or Lalalab

Artwork (Artwork by @equalandallied1):

Sample Text (please change to put it your name and Twitter handle):

Dear Senator:

I am concerned by the report in Motherboard that voting machine vendor ES&S has admitted that it “installed remote-access software on election-management systems…,” but won’t identify where it did this. I’m also alarmed that ES&S has “upgraded” its DS200 scanners to include cellular modems.

Please investigate & subpoena ES&S and other vendors, like Dominion, who are believed to have installed remote access software. Thank you.


Your name @example

You can find the names, addresses and phone numbers of your Representatives and Senators on the lists we have assembled here on our website: Election Activist Resources

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