Protect Our Votes

Securing the integrity of elections through comprehensive research and advocacy


Election Security

We are dedicated to researching and implementing robust measures to safeguard voting systems


Independent Analysis

Our team of professionals from diverse backgrounds provide unbiased insights into election vulnerabilities


Advocacy for Change

Together, we lobby for effective policy changes to strengthen the security of voting processes

About Us

Protect Our Votes brings together experts from various industries committed to ensuring fair and secure elections. We conduct rigorous research to identify vulnerabilities in election systems and advocate for effective solutions.

Our motivation stems from the belief that every vote matters and should be protected from interference or manipulation. With an unwavering focus on election security, we strive to empower citizens with the knowledge and resources needed to preserve the integrity of democratic processes.

Our Initiatives

Discover the projects and programs we undertake to promote election security and inclusive voting practices

Voter Education

We develop educational materials to inform voters about their rights, registration, and verification processes

Technology Assessment

Our experts conduct in-depth assessments of voting technology for vulnerabilities and recommend improvements

Policy Advocacy

By engaging with policymakers, we strive for legislative changes that enhance election integrity and security

Make a Difference

Join us in protecting the foundation of democracy by contributing to our cause today

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Inspiring Stories

Discover real-life accounts of how our work has positively impacted individuals and communities

Empowering Marginalized Voices

Through our efforts, we helped ensure that marginalized communities had equal access to voting resources, enabling them to voice their opinions and shape their futures.

Election System Overhaul

Our collaboration with government agencies resulted in a comprehensive overhaul of the election system, strengthening security measures and increasing voter participation.

Support Our Mission

Your contribution makes a difference in safeguarding the democratic process and protecting the integrity of every vote.

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